Floating (English)

Weightless, timeless, she glides gracefully in the outdoor pool.  Not just floating in the water, she is the water. Tiny snowflakes whirl onto her bare skin. A freezing breeze swoops down, touches her nipples and ripples over her belly, thighs and toes. She waits…

The stool at the end of the bar leans against the wall. Amber is sitting up straight on it, knees squeezed together. Only dressed in a see-through baby-doll and panties she tries to hide her exposed breasts behind crossed arms. Eyes fixed at her feet, afraid to be caught by the prying eyes of men in boxer shorts, briefs or completely nude who are prancing around to the hard trance-beat. Impatiently, she’s tapping the tips of her pink pumps together.

“Well?” Pete plonks her G&T down on the bar.
“You look hot in your nighty but those crotchless panties are so rank. Come on hon, drop your arms, show off your salacious boobies, they are yummy and lick-able.”

Amber looks up at him and unfolds one arm to take her drink. She gulps half of the G&T and looks down at her toes again.

“Pete I think… Well, it was your New Year’s intention to visit this club and, to be honest, I went along with the idea. However… I’d be much happier if we went home now.”
He finishes his pint and slams it on the bar:
“Hon, we’ve just arrived. There are handsome guys and dolls all around. Over there, on the couch, that blonde bombshell next to muscle-man! Wow, she makes my mouth water. Besides, it’s a waste of good money if we don’t hang out for a while longer.”

Amber takes a look at the muscle-men, a very good looking guy in black briefs. Then she shakes her head, puts the glass to her lips and empties it.

“Pete, you promised we would leave straight away if I didn’t like it. I don’t like it. Let’s go.”
She slides of the stool. With a growl Pete catches her mid-air and lifts her back onto the seat.

“Hon, we’ll stay for at least ten more minutes. Feast your eyes. I ‘ll go around and take a look at how we can enjoy our stay here. See you in ten.”
He pats her on the thigh and wanders off.
Amber glances at the half naked women who shamelessly presents themselves as Pete passes. She sighs as she closes her eyes.

“Good evening, how can such a beautiful woman be sitting here on her own?”

She opens her eyes. Muscle-man is standing next to her. With one finger he sweeps a chestnut tress behind her ear, his touch tingles on to her neck, down her spine.

“Oh, I’m not… Sorry, what … You think I’m beautiful?” She raises one eyebrow. Pete calls her hot or rank but never, ever beautiful any more.

“You bet. I don’t mind these skinny girls, but you are thrilling, a voluptuous real woman.”

Amber’s skin feels electric  as his hand touches her hip. All of a sudden a kaleidoscope of butterflies flutters in her tummy. She glances at his hand and notices his bulging briefs. Abashed she looks up, straight into his eyes. As his hand circles down towards her buttock she can sense the chemistry between them. She closes her eyes and inhales through pursed lips.
His thumb and finger takes her chin.
“May I offer you something? A drink?” His other hand has moved to her belly, she stretches her back.
“A massage? “His fingers twirl downwards, she relaxes her clenched knees, slightly spreading them.
“Or may I lick your intimate area’s for hours and hours until you are quivering with desire?”
One finger slides down over the silk fabric of her crotchless panties, slips into the opening and slides between her labia. She can’t breath any more. An instant later the same finger is on her lips,  she feels her own wetness.
“Hush, no rush. Maybe I’ll see you in the pool, later?”
His finger caresses her cheek before he leaves. Breathing again she slumps down and pinches her eyes shut.

After only fifteen minutes Pete returns with his hand on the butt of the blonde in her almost non-existing bikini. He whispers in her ear, she winks and walks away wiggling her hips. Pete stares at her ass before he goes to Amber.
“Hey? Are you asleep? The sauna is great here, let’s go for a round before we leave.
He takes her hand, she thinks of the pool, nods and slides of the stool.

After a few minutes in the sauna Amber has had enough. Except for the blonde in her minikini there are only men. Naked men, touching themselves and staring at her with horny eyes. It makes her feel itchy.
“It’s too hot for my taste, I’m off,” she tells Pete before she wraps the towel around her.

At ease she closes the door, then hurries to the pool. He isn’t there! Disappointed she looks through the windows at the snow-covered garden. Water is splashing up in the air. The pool continues outside! Her towel drops on the tiles, she steps into the warm water and swims through the plastic slats. It is freezing, the chilly air is titillating. Muscle-man swims leisurely to and fro. Smiling, with wide open eyes, she watches him. In spite of the cold her cheeks are glowing

When he notices her he submerges, goes two times around her before slowly diving up in front of her. Warm drops hit her face when he shakes his head.
“Hello gorgeous’.”
All she can do is smile at him. He smiles back:
“If you’d look under water you could see what strange effect you have on me.”

She can’t help herself, her hand is moving towards his six-pack. Her fingers touches the tip of his phallus and then she folds them around his glorious erection. He groans, takes her wrist and pushes her hand away.
“Not yet, gorgeous. You are too tense. Come, relax, lay on your back. Let me support you, just feel the water flowing around your body.”
Amber feels overwhelmed and whispers “O.K.”

Slowly she drops backwards. His hand between her shoulders and arm under her knees are barely touching her. She closes her eyes and becomes the water. Her breathing slows down, her body is growing languid and all sense of time and space floats away.

She doesn’t have a clue how long she has drifted for but slowly she becomes aware of a hand on her skin. And another hand and yet another. So many hands are caressing her. For a moment she startles and tries to count them. Hands touching her feet and legs, her hands, arms and shoulders, her back, sides, buttocks and belly. Fingers fondling her cheeks, her hair and neck. She opens her eyes, sees the faces of five, six men. She inhales, smiles joyfully and surrenders. As she closes her eyes again the hands start to feast on her breasts, rolling her nipples between the fingers, tenderly pinching and pulling them. She spreads her legs in delight. Immediately, hands start rubbing the inside of her thighs, higher and higher up. Fingers slide down from her belly alongside her clit, stroking. Fingers slide over her lips and in between. Knowing fingers cunningly arousing her sweetest spots. An elongated moan filled with delight escapes her mouth, the sound of it ringing out over the pool.

“Hey! Hands of, leave her alone! That’s my wife.”
The hands disappear, Amber swiftly sinks.
Stuttering she dives up.
“Move , we leave now.” Pete grabs her hand and drags her out of the pool.

nude-woman-many-hands-on-her-body-orange (3)

She smiles when she remembers this first time. Pete was in-shock when he touched his blonde bombshell and found out She was a He! Wanting to leave immediately but being unable to find Amber he became even more agitated. When he finally found her, serving all those men, he got frantic and swore never to come back to ‘such a foul whorehouse’ again. So he didn’t.
He is unaware his New-Year’s intention became hers.

She doesn’t have to wait long. The first hands are tenderly touching her body, stroking, fondling, an appetizer for what is to come.
Today she will taste another piece of heaven.


Thank you May More for editing my story.
If you would like to read more of May click HERE

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  1. It utterly amazes me that you can write something so well in a second language – I am in awe really! And loved the hot story and the equally hot photo x

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