IKEA Avsuglöfte (English)

Cardboard everywhere. Proudly you sit on the table. I unbutton your jeans, pouty lips. Expectantly you recline. The table collapses. Chuckling I blow you anyway. Other Eroshorts (25 word-stories): Lubricant (English)      Chicklit (English)     Locked In Syndream, a nightmare  

HAPPY HOUR (English)

'Freda, you dumb cunt, why?' I howl at myself in the mirror. I'm not sure how long I've lingered in the powder room. A few minutes, half an hour, more? Slightly shaky I straighten the folds of my little black dress. Fuckin' Friday-Afternoon-Happy-Hour. Fuckin' work crowd, all fuckin' over-aged bullies. This evening I slapped away … Meer lezen over HAPPY HOUR (English)

Lubricant (English)

My husband signed the contract and left the hotel suite. Meanwhile I re-applied lipstick and lubricant, luckily. Ouch! His business partner is so well hung…   Other EroShorts: Locked In Syndream, a nightmare Chicklit (English) Not a dream (English)