Floating (English)

Weightless, timeless, she glides gracefully in the outdoor pool.  Not just floating in the water, she is the water. Tiny snowflakes whirl onto her bare skin. A freezing breeze swoops down, touches her nipples and ripples over her belly, thighs and toes. She waits... The stool at the end of the bar leans against the … Meer lezen over Floating (English)

Mood Ring (English)

  Grey I’m glad my husband’s BMW6series has darkened windows in the back. I take a deep breath, ring the doorbell, hurry to the backseat and gaze at your front door. Finally it opens. You take two steps look around and shrug. I can’t breathe. I see how resilient you walk, your youthful appearance and … Meer lezen over Mood Ring (English)