HAPPY HOUR (English)

'Freda, you dumb cunt, why?' I howl at myself in the mirror. I'm not sure how long I've lingered in the powder room. A few minutes, half an hour, more? Slightly shaky I straighten the folds of my little black dress. Fuckin' Friday-Afternoon-Happy-Hour. Fuckin' work crowd, all fuckin' over-aged bullies. This evening I slapped away … Meer lezen over HAPPY HOUR (English)

Floating (English)

Weightless, timeless, she glides gracefully in the outdoor pool.  Not just floating in the water, she is the water. Tiny snowflakes whirl onto her bare skin. A freezing breeze swoops down, touches her nipples and ripples over her belly, thighs and toes. She waits... The stool at the end of the bar leans against the … Meer lezen over Floating (English)